Always Clean Fiction

If you follow my Instagram account you know I write clean fiction. I’m excited to share stories without content that may make some readers uncomfortable. When you pick up a book these days you can’t always tell by the cover or description what is on the inside. I promise my readers there is no profanity, sexual content, excessive violence, or uncomfortable surprises in my books. I might not stick to the same genre in the future but what I publish will always be clean.

105,000 Words

I have completed the first draft of a 105k word manuscript. It will go through several revisions before it will be ready for publishing. It took me 3,196,800 seconds to write, or 53,280 minutes. You could also say it took about 888 hours or 37 days.

Are you wondering what genre this will land in? Think Young Adult Science Fiction > Video Game Adaptations and Science Fiction > Dystopian. It’s for those who like Ready Player One (130k words) or Awaken Online (130k words). 105k is pretty comfortable place to end with the 1st draft considering the market.

Want to know what it’s about? Keep reading.

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Not All Clean Read Novels Are Inspirational Fiction

Have you ever picked up a book to read only to find a few pages in that the character dialogue is full of profanity or there is a high degree of sexualized content? If that kind of book doesn’t appeal to you, where do you look for find a “clean” book? Most people will immediately think of Inspirational or Christian Fiction, but that isn’t the only option out there.