Book Review: Lost Lives (Emily Swanson Crime Thriller Series) – Malcolm Richards

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Book Review: Lost Lives (Emily Swanson Crime Thriller Series) – Malcolm Richards

Lost Lives (Emily Swanson Book 1) is a Crime, Thriller novel.

As a clean read: Mild violence. Little profanity and no sexual content.

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Lost Lives is about Emily, a young woman who moves into an apartment and begins to learn about its previous inhabitants. After finding belongings that were left behind, she begins to border on obsessed in trying to find out what happened to the woman who lived there before.

Emily is at times overcome by anxiety and you will read about her taking her prescribed medication. The author does a good job of painting a picture of Emily’s struggle to be out in public settings. The crushing weight of being caught up in the business of the city and her real fear adds another obstacle that Emily needs to overcome.

She is a woman with a past of her own. Afraid to share her background with her friends, you don’t find out what has upset her until later in the book, which is fine but because the author references Emily’s past frequently and the reader knows the names that are shared aren’t attached to the current case, it gets distracting and confusing without the full context. It is a slow reveal and over time you do learn who they all are, so it isn’t as if they are thrown in without being resolved.

I did find it odd that a woman with such strong feelings of anxiety would be willing to go to workplaces and break into homes to get her answers. Then again, with the right motivation struggles can be overcome, as they were in Emily’s case.

At one point, I was concerned that this was going to turn into a paranormal novel since people were mysteriously disappearing but paranormal it is not. There is an explanation for it, which was rather interesting.

This is the first novel in the Emily Swanson series. It was an enjoyable read. I haven’t read a lot of crime thrillers and I may have been convinced to read more of them. The story wasn’t bad. Emily isn’t romantically attached, which is nice. I would be interested in continuing to read the series to see how Emily manages her anxiety while solving future crimes. Hopefully, the author doesn’t drop this from Emily’s character as it is what I found most appealing.

Clean Read Book Review:

Profanity is kept to a minimum and is mild. You will be able to read this book without being struck by profanity-laced passages.

This is a crime thriller, so there is a level of violence in the novel, mostly involving people being held against their will. I won’t go into details to avoid any spoilers. There are references to domestic violence and suicide.

There was no sexual content that I can recall.

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