Book Review: Spitfire – Suleiman Ocheni

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Book Review: Spitfire – Suleiman Ocheni

Spitfire is a Romance, Mystery novel.

As a clean read: Pretty clean. Little profanity and sexual content.

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I received a copy of Spitfire from LibraryThing as part of a giveaway. After reading the book’s blurb, I was interested in receiving a copy and seeing what this story was about. The cover also made it look interesting.

From the description, I had expected a story focused on whodunit, with the characters being dedicated to the pursuit of figuring out who killed King Argy. Instead, the characters were more into each other than into solving the murder. Queen Ivy is the prime suspect after evidence is pointing toward her. Detective Rylan Leven, who is a novice, is immediately convinced that she is innocent. I found this to be a stretch. In fact, I would have though he would have been pulled from the case the instant there appeared to be a conflict of interest.

The characters have their flaws with Detective Rylan Leven making poor choices within the relationship. Queen Ivy is advised to end the relationship, but every time she leaves him, she keeps on forgiving him and going back. This could be because of her background and again, her flaws.

In the end, the mystery is solved. You do find out who killed the King. You do understand some of the characters’ motives. Really, I found myself being more interested in what made the characters tick than who killed the King. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but you scratch your head in one chapter and then understand why something is not as puzzling as it first appeared later on. All I can say is Detective Rylan Leven is impulsive.

There were some scenes that could have been cut. It felt like there was a lot being jammed into the story. As an example, the beehive scene. It could have been cut and I wouldn’t have missed it. However, it still was a sweet scene (yes, there was honey), and it gives you yet another window into the lives and interests of the characters.

Despite some errors in this edition (which I forwarded off to the author to update in his next edition) and my dislike for the flawed relationship, it was an interesting read. I was able to fly through it at a good pace and I didn’t lose interest. Once I understood what the genre of the story was, I was able to settle into the story and let it unfold. If you are looking for something a little different, this might be one for you to check out.

Clean Read Book Review:

Every time I read a book, I watch for its content from the perspective of it being a clean read. With Spitfire, there was some profanity, but it wasn’t overused. I was able to easily breeze by it as it was only the odd word every few chapters or so.

Violence is low to non-existent. One of the characters reveals a history of having been raped.

Regarding sexual content, there is nothing explicit. There are references to people getting drunk and not remembering the night before and the male protagonist does notice the female protagonist’s body, such as her choice not to wear a bra). In one scene there is a description of mild physical intimacy (ie. hand on a bare thigh) before cutting away, leaving the reader with little doubt as to what happened off the page.

Given that the author chose to keep the sexual content off the page and profanity is low, I would say this book is pretty clean. I am pleased with the choices the author made in keeping the sexual content to a minimum making this book stand out as unique and cleaner than most. is a participant in the, Inc. Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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