Book Review: The Mine – John A. Heldt

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Book Review: The Mine – John A. Heldt

The Mine is a Historical Romance, Time Travel novel.

As a clean read: Pretty clean. Little profanity and sexual content.


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The Mine is a novel I found for free and after seeing its cover and reading its description, I decided to give it a try. It didn’t hurt that the book was available without needing to impact my budget. Unfortunately, I didn’t invest anything when I made the purchase, it ended up collecting dust in my Kindle for months. Do ebooks collect dust?

The story is about Joel who decides to explore an abandoned mine in Montana and ends up in 1941. With no food or money, and looking a little out of place, Joel adapts to his new surroundings and integrates himself into the culture and community. Of course, he meets some interesting people along the way and falls in love.

The book was an easy read, taking only two to three days to read from beginning to end. It kept my attention and I didn’t grow tired of reading it. Sometimes, I wonder why I choose to invest in reading a book when I’m really not interested in the story and the characters. What the author did well, was make me care. I’m glad I read this one.

The Mine was well put together. If you like time travel books, you may find some common elements, such as the protagonist knowing the results of sports games and using this knowledge to his financial advantage. This feels overused in the time travel genre, but at least this wasn’t the focus of this story.

For writing style, I didn’t like the references to current day celebrities or re-describing situations or people in the same chapter as if he had access to a thesaurus. It became tiresome after a while and took me out of the story.

There were also times when the author would write a thought that was in a character’s head. When reading a book in third-person POV, to suddenly pop into first-person is a little jarring. My recommendation is to stick to the POV you’re writing in.

I would have appreciated a little more struggle for Joel. He found a job easily when jobs were scarce. He made friends quickly and people were very willing to help this odd stranger. What a lucky guy. Joel also should have worried more about people back ‘home’. Did he not care about his family and friends? He decided early on that he was stuck in 1941 for good. He could have done some research before giving up. I like some good conflict and there as a little with Grace, but it seemed like everything was handed to him. It was a nice added touch with closing in of Pearl Harbour and what Joel knew would happen to those in his circle. That was done well and was probably my favorite part of the story.

As I said before, I finished it in a short amount of time and it held my interest. While I have my preferences as a reader, I could see what the author was doing and went along for the ride. It is a sign of a good story when the reader can enjoy the character’s experience. In The Mine, it is Joel’s experience in 1941.

On a side note, I enjoyed the author naming different locations in his novel, such as Helena, Montana and Seattle, Washington. Having visited both locations, I know the area that the character was roaming, which created some added interest for me as a reader.

Clean Read Book Review:

In regards to The Mine being a clean read, there is some profanity. You could count on two hands the number of times profanity was used. I don’t feel the language added in the author’s shaping of the character, but it also wasn’t so pronounced that it took away from the story.

There is some violence with a fist fight between characters but isn’t graphic. There is no blood and gore in this novel.

As for sexual content, there is a reference to a woman undressing and it is understood that something happened off the page, but there is no explicit content.

Overall, this book is tame and if none of the above bothers you, it is a book that you may enjoy. is a participant in the, Inc. Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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