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Book Reviews Are On Their Way

Before I started writing books, I was a reader. I still am a reader. My Kindle is currently loaded with books I’ve read and books I want to read. Reading is a way to improve one’s skills as a writer. It is an opportunity to see what other authors have done and to learn from them. Sometimes you see what not to do, but you also see plot structure, character development, dialogue, and show vs tell. Books are read differently when you’re a writer, but at the same time, a writer can still enjoy a really good story.

While I realize my time is limited being a mom to six boys, working a full-time job and writing my own books, but I am going to be starting to write more book reviews. Why not? I’m already reading and I know how book reviews help authors.

Book Reviews Help Authors

Did you know that book reviews are “social proof”? Reviews let readers know if a book is worth reading and helps them make an informed purchase. When customers search on Amazon for a book, they often look at the number of stars a book has received and often times will also look at the written reviews. If a book has few reviews, readers wonder why. The book could be amazing. It could be one of the best, undiscovered books out there, but because the reviews aren’t there yet, it is being passed by.

That is why I want to help. I want to review books for authors and lend my voice to informing the author’s potential audience.

In the next while, I will be posting book reviews on this website along with sites such as LibraryThing, Goodreads, and Amazon. I believe strongly in people helping people and this is a way for me to give back some of my time to my fellow authors. It helps me through reading, learning and being entertained by a good story. It helps readers who maybe are hesitant to buy a book until they know if someone else has enjoyed it. It is a win for everyone.

Book Review Requirements

  • There is no cost for a review. Authors have enough services eating away at their wallets.
  • Tell me about your book and if I am interested, I’ll give it a read.
  • No erotica. You will need to find another reviewer for your story.
  • Books can part of a series. I’d prefer to read the first book to get the backstory if you are looking for a review of the second and so on.
  • I am open to most genres. If the books on my Kindle were sorted by genre, you wouldn’t see a pattern. I’m open to pretty much everything.
  • I will be noting if a book is a “Clean Read”. That means I will be highlighting if a book contains detailed violence, sex or profanity. It doesn’t mean I will say your book is bad if it contains any of the above, but it is helpful for readers to know when trying to find books that meet their preferences.
  • I do not provide book editing or proofreading. Find a professional to provide this service for you. Your writing career depends on you getting it right, so invest in an editor. A book review isn’t enough to sell books if it hasn’t been properly edited.
  • Give me time to read. Your book is important, but I need to write, too. Plus, I have a job and family to balance it all with.

Fill out the contact form on the website and let me know you are interested in having me review your book. Mobi and PDF files are best for me, so have one ready for when I reply. I can then work with you to try and coordinate a review if you have some important timelines. I can’t guarantee it, but I would like to try. I know how marketing goes.

I look forward to reviewing more books.

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