Not All Clean Read Novels Are Inspirational Fiction

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Not All Clean Read Novels Are Inspirational Fiction

Have you ever picked up a book to read only to find a few pages in that the character dialogue is full of profanity or there is a high degree of sexualized content? If that kind of book doesn’t appeal to you, where do you look for find a “clean” book? Most people will immediately think of Inspirational or Christian Fiction, but that isn’t the only option out there.

Are There Clean Books That Aren’t Inspirational?

Not all clean fiction is inspirational.I can assure you that there are books out there that won’t make you compromise values and can give you something different. As an author who writes clean fiction, I saw a gap in the market. I don’t always sit at my computer and write. I also read. The stories I enjoy tend to be in the thriller or suspense category. I like to be on the edge of my seat. What I don’t like is when characters start swearing or leave their bedroom doors wide open.

What about Inspirational or Christian Fiction? I read the occassional story from the genre. If I do, it is usually Historical Fiction by Lynn Austin or Francine Rivers, but I have to be in the right mood for it. Sweet romances are great, but as I said, I like thrillers and suspense. If you search through the Inspirtational fiction categories on retail sites, you generally find images of young couples on a farm or an Amish woman.

But you are in luck! There are authors, like me, who are trying to bring clean reads to non-Inspirational genres. You can have “stories without compromise” as I like to say.

How Do I Find Clean Fiction?

Use keywords in your searches, such as:

  • Clean Reads
  • Sweet Romance
  • Clean Science Fiction

You don’t need to be in the “Wholesome” category to search for these terms. You can be in Science Fiction and search for “Clean Read”. Authors are trying to be helpful by writing into their online book descriptions if their content would be considered “Clean”. We want you to find us as much as you want to find a book to read. Don’t stop at the book title. Check the book description.

Join Goodreads and Facebook groups.

Did you know that there are communities dedicated to reading clean books? Readers will share their favorite books and inform others if a book is or isn’t clean. You are not the only person looking for a good clean book. Find a community and hear what others recommend.

Look for Giveaways.

Did you know that sites, such as Instafreebie, are used by authors to give away free samples or full copies of their books? They are looking for an audience and will sometimes join similar authors to give group giveaways. Keep your eyes open for giveaways that feature Sweet Romance or Clean Reads in their description.

I hope ths has helped you in your search for clean reads. Remember that you can branch out from the inspirational categories when searching for clean reading material. There are authors who are writing for readers just like you.

Clean Read Science Fiction Romance

If are looking for a science fiction romance, featuring a character-driven story, I’d love to recommend my series. Check out the first book, A Shot at Peace available in print and ebook formats.


I like clean mysteries — are there any w/o murder associated?
Is there an App to clean profanity that I can use for Kindle or Apple?

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