The Publishing Journey

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The Publishing Journey

What a publishing journey it has been. I started writing A SHOT AT PEACE two years ago and, as I write this, I am only weeks away from publishing.

This journey has been exciting and downright scary at times. Writing a novel has been a dream of mine since childhood. After many years of dreaming, I finally sat down and captured the story as it unfolded in my mind and on the page. The first few words were a struggle. Learning to trust your own voice as a new author is not something that comes naturally. I fought with myself until I finally let the words fall as they have.

Once the story was on the page, I grew closer to actually publishing and the nerves soon followed. It has been a time of highs and lows, with excitement that this was happening to the fear that this was happening.

Having gone through the process of putting the manuscript through several rounds of self-editing, hiring an editor, having it proofread, hiring a graphic designer, laying out the interior design… it truly has been a journey and a learning process.

The time has almost come to release the novel into the world to see what becomes of it. But that doesn’t mean the writing journey ends. There are so many more stories to tell.


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